What our clients and candidates are saying about us

From our clients

“Doug Lockwood from Patrice & Associates has been helping the Bavarian Inn Lodge fill vacancies for Management positions since 2018. The relationship, we have with Doug Lockwood has been filled with personal care for our company to find us talent with a personality that fits our expectations and to do so as quickly as possible so guest expectations are never compromised. Doug and his staff check in often and many times daily if needed to keep the search moving along and current. He listens with understanding and asks the questions needed to get all the details necessary to conduct a good search. He doesn’t give up until we are satisfied.”

~ Imelda – General Manager

From our candidates

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Doug Lockwood. Doug was extremely professional and was very easy to work with. He was quick to respond, made himself available anytime I had a question, and was always checking in through the entire process. He coached me through the interview process by sending over necessary documents to read over on my own time, giving pointers on the phone, and talking through details. You can tell Doug cares for each person he works with. Even after getting the job, he is still checking in to see how things are going and making sure all is going well. I would recommend Doug to anyone when looking to start their career or looking for a career change. He was a great resource to have when needed.”

~ Tony – Catering General Manager

“Doug Lockwood was very kind and approachable when he reached out to me regarding a new position. He was very clear, direct, and opportunistic. What I enjoyed most about working with him was the good availability – he was always there to answer any questions and he was very reliable. He changed my perception of recruiters and I am very grateful I got to work with him.”

~ Justin – Executive Kitchen Manager

“I want to thank Doug for helping me get my career back on track.  I was in hospitality and transitioned to retail only to find I missed the restaurant business.  Doug was able to get me a great job back in hospitality at a great hotel. Doug understood my passion for hospitality and helped fulfill my dream!”

~ Renee – F&B Manager

“I would like to take a few moments to pass on how great Doug Lockwood is to work with. Doug reached out to me as a stranger; however he soon became a close friend to me. From the first phone call he made me feel at ease and very comfortable with him. His nature put me at ease and assisted with our communication so that Doug could build a comprehensive profile and resume that were the foundation of my job search. During our many phone calls, Doug asked probing question that uncovered detailed answers and information that enabled him to build a complete picture of my needs.  He helped inspire me to be my best whenever I was at an interview.   

I really can not say enough about Doug. His dedication not only to his client but also to me ensured a great fit. His keen sense of understanding of what is needed by his client and ‘us’ (the employee) is what makes him an excellent recruiter. He takes the time to get to know each of us and then he is able to match the best people together. Doug did this for me and even the client was surprised how well we fit together.

As a result of Doug’s hard work and insight I now have my dream job and look forward to a long and eventful career! “

~ Glenn – Chef Manager

“Doug Lockwood at Patrice and Associates helped me get my current job. He assisted me by updating my outdated resume, making calls to get recommendations from former employers and mentally prepped me for my interviews. He made it possible for me to get the job I really wanted.”

~ Anthony – Assistant Purchasing Director